The title of this page is no reference to NASA, even though science and the universe have always appealed to me.

The first time I was in Greece, in 1988, someone - who was special to me for a short while - called me Apollo. The name felt right, somehow... And 13 is my lucky number. Or at least, that's what I call it...

The last time I was in Greece, in 2013, the last night before flying back home I stayed in Hotel Apollo, in room 607, you do the math.

This website will become a site of music, poetry and pictures. Songs I enjoy singing, poetry I wrote/write/will write and pictures I have taken/will take. A website with the purpose of finding my way through life with Parkinson's Disease.

The creative process of building a website, making music, writing poetry and taking pictures will hopefully help me deal with Parkinson's Disease, hopefully slow down the damage caused by negative influences.

For some time all you will see here is this simple page in the most basic form of html, only containing these few lines of text. For how long? I'm not sure. Making a website with pictures is easy enough, but as a means of stimulating and promoting creative processes, well, that takes time.

So I hope you, who have stumbled onto this little page by whatever cause, fate or coincidence or google, I hope you will be patient and visit again later.

Any suggestion and/or question you may have you can send to, with as subject: "Project Delphi-Apollo 13."

Thanx for reading.